Sunday, November 8, 2009

October 16-18 Camp Wildcat! pics galore!

I have not been able to post in a while but still want to share some things with you ladies...

October 16-18 we camped at Levi Jackson State Park in London, KY (one of our favorite campgrounds) We attended the Civil War re-enactment of Camp Wildcat ! WOWOWOW!!!!
If you have never been to a re-enactment... and you like history... you need to go! It was soooooooooooo Cold the day we went.. Cloudy and a high of 31 degrees... and we all had a blasst!!!!

Several large cannons on the South and the North side started out the battle... this was not that far away... and was so intense... to feel that cannon fire in your chest go off...
This is the memorial stone that is laid now to mark the area the stone next to it lists the many men that laid down their lives at this battle. It is so sad to think of this!
This was the North starting their battle with cannon fire
This is a Northern troop caught to far over in the Southern battle line as they chased him out... That horse is just absolutely gorgeous!!!!
OK... here is My lil baby... trying to keep warm with a cup of Hot Chocolate!!!! They fooled us and put them in Starbuck Cups... Wow that made me want Starbucks even more!
Showing the men fallen in the battlefield
North is making their way up into southern field area
The start to the end of the battle... the sound of them honoring the brave soldiers for both North and South forces that bleed and gave their lives that day so many years ago!
This is a picture of the Southern camp hospital... this table showed samples of actual instruments that were used.... down to the way the pain killers were made...Horse hair for stitches... ect...
Look at those Bone Saws.... WOW!!!!
This was down the main fair of the Southern Camp... those preparing and warming before the battle!
There was a position for all... young and old. This lil fella was so cute!!!!

Again... This battle was both educational and very entertaining... they celebrated the spirit that we had and the lives that were sacrifices that were made there on that very spot! That you to all the re-inciters that are part of the London, KY chapter that worked hard on making this battle what it was!