Sunday, November 22, 2009

Wishes do Come True!!!

I Have been involved in a Christmas exchange group and have to show you the WONDERFUL gifts that I received from Marie P. at

I say Wishes do Come True because I had just posted my want for one of these cute little Annalee Elves... and here it is! Thank you so much Marie. I just can not tell you enough how much I love this little elf! With me being unemployed I just do not have the spare cash to invest in "wants" instead of "needs" You have granted a huge "WANT" for someone that you have never meant! This is HUGE. I just can not believe that I have it !
As if this little elf was not the big blessing for the gift... she also stitched me this WONDERFUL candle mat! Look at this ... I took several pics of it and could not truly capture how adorable and how well it is finished! Wow! I feel like Christmas has arrived!

She listed this as:
Chart By: Prairie Grove Peddler
Titled: Little Candle Mats- Snowmen
stitched on : 30 Ct Alma
Here we go again... There is MORE...
See now I am Bragging... (giggle... but I love it all so much!) Look at all my goodies together...
My Annalee Elf, my wonderful Candle mat with a yankee candle and a glass candle holder, Red Pearl Pins, Dmc Needles, Snowman Fabric, Red Sampler Floss, and a Snowman Kleenex holder filled and ready to go!
THANK YOU ... Thank you!... Thank you!
Marie... Thank you from the very bottom of my heart! You have blessed me a great deal today! I hope that I am able to bless my recipient like this.