Sunday, November 8, 2009

October 30 - November 1 - Halloween 2009

This Halloween My family went to Big Bone State Park for their Halloween Fest. In the past they have had so many activities... and planned so much fun things for us to learn. Like one night late... a bon fire and an OWL walk, another night just smokes by the rec center... then there was the Ghost Walk that we always did... for SEVERAL years we have looked so forward to this event!

THIS YEAR however... there were NO special events that were like this... the "ghost walk" this year... was every one meeting in the rec center.... and watching a lap top of the findings that they had in the past there at the park. My dd and I both stood there waiting all bundled up for the long walk thru the park... and everyone left and there was NO WALK... I do NOT call this a GHOST WALK... I call this BORING!!!!!! But here are some of the pics that we took of the night!

On Friday before we left ... it was 73 degrees and we were packing ... I went over to my mom's house and as I opened her screen door... I was stung by a bee... I am allergic... so this was not good!!! I was swelling and feeling pretty bad. But determined with Benadryl that I would not let this ruin my time! Then the DH locked his Keys in his truck at work... so we got off to the park about 2 hours later then we planned... WOW ... what a day! That night was High winds... and hard rains... and brought in with it a COLD FRONT.

The next day temps were in the 30's another COLD camp trip!!! BRRRRRR!!!!! Campfires are so awesome when it is cold like this though!!!

My DD had to work that day but was off in time for the park trick or treat event! Here she is dressed up at her work that day!!!!! Isnt she a pretty lil pirate!!!
After the trick or treat here are my lil monsters (well not so lil anymore!) going through their candy... what a HAUL!!!!
Because of the cold weather... my dd took off the lil pirate costume and went as Medussa with snakes in her hair and a pink toga over her winter jacket!!!!
My DS went as a BONE MAN... with a bone mask and all!!!!!
OH... and the DH ... he went as a evil CLOWN!!!
These were our pumpkins that we carved earlier in the day on the back of my DH truck tailgate... all lit up to greet the little guys as they came around for their candy... we sat right in front of this tailgate in chairs... It was fun to see all the costumes!!!!
This is a pic of my DS earlier that day... carving the pumpkins... See if we had smell-o-blog software... or feel-o-blog ware... you could see that the hand in the front has some of the pumpkin guts all over it.... he was trying so hard to SLIME me with that stuff!!!!! How fun!
Here he is being a good boy and keeping the pumpkin stuff to himself!
Happy Halloween everyone!