Sunday, November 8, 2009

Mixture... Ornament Exchange... and Winning

This post is a mish mash of things... that I have not been able to post until now...

This first is the Ornament that I made for this segment of the Ornament Exchange... I know that this person has received this ornament so I can show everyone my finish!
I fell so in love with this little stocking... that I really battled sending it out to her. I have already started one for my tree! ;)
This went to Carole... and I thought of her each time I picked this piece up to stitch it and wished her the best of days! This was stitched on a Mystery Scrap of fabric with Mystery HDF silks. Mostly silks from the Detrius Bags that I have received!
Designer : Hands To Work
Chart : Christmas Stocking Ornaments
This next one was the ORNAMENT that I received ... Marie sent me this lovely little package... I was so excited to get it out of my mail package...Look at the cute little Snowman card on it!!!! AWE... I love it!
OH... But wait... This is even BETTER.... THIS is what was INSIDE that cute little package with that cute little snowman card... Creme de la creme... Look at this ornament!!!!!
Designer: Blackbird Designs
Chart: Quaker Medallion Strawberry
This pattern featured in the 2006 edition of JCS Christmas Ornaments.
LAST but certainly NOT least... is a Winning! On the HDF sight Barbara posted a contest with 3 LOVELY thread counters... I WON one of them... and is was the EXACT one that I wanted!!!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Look at this lovely counter...
I have taken soooooooooo many pictures of this and can NOT get the TRUE quality to shine thru. This picture does NOT do this piece justice... It is just lovely with little leaf beads... and the colors are so delicate... and so pretty... It has 2 needles at the other end one for counting the fibers in the fabric and the other to place in the fabric every 1- stitches... to be sure that I keep my place. I have already had the chance to use it and LOVE IT!!!!
Thank you so much Barbara for this lovely prize!!!!


Siobhan said...

Wow, what beautiful exchanges! Lovely work.